From Amber’s first litter, we have a couple puppies available for a pet or dog sport home. They are very sweet, and like their cuddle time, but can also be happy with a friend to play with.


I started the puppies with manual stimulation when they were very young. As such, they are used to being handled. That makes the nail trims and grooming a lot easier.

We have been working on crate training for bedtime. They have taken to it really well, and have been quiet throughout the night.

We have also been working on leash training, and yesterday, Peri and Kiev went on a family walk. They were amazing, except Peri liked to stop and smell the roses, and ant hills, and anything else he saw along the way.


Speaking of Kiev, he is also available. He is from Opal’s first litter. He is a little lover. He LOVES attention and to be right with you. He has a smile on his face when he gets to be singled out, and spend one on one time with you.

Nail trims and grooming have been easy with him as well thanks to the early puppy stimulation. We started working on grooming paw pads which can be weird if you use a little razor, like I do, the vibrations and sounds can be a little overwhelming for those not acclimatized.

Kiev did amazing on his first off property walk yesterday. He just rolled with it. He had a blast…of course, cause he was singled out again. He topped off his night with cuddle time on the couch.